Difference Between Hobby Grade Remote Control Vehicle and a Toy Grade RC and Pros and Cons to each

Difference Between Hobby Grade Remote Control Vehicle and a Toy Grade RC and Pros and Cons to each

We explain the difference between hobby-grade RC's and toy-grade, Pros & Cons


When shopping for your first remote/radio control car, you will have to choose between Hobby grade RC cars and toy-grade RC cars. Are you wondering what the difference is? Well, to some, it might seem that they're the same, but there is a great deal of difference. In the RC world, every car is either a hobby-grade or a toy grade.


In this article, we are going to discuss the primary differences between a toy-grade and hobby-grade car. We will also highlight the pros and cons of each category


In general, a toy-grade RC car is relatively cheap but less sturdy and with parts that are not designed to be reassembled. If a toy-grade RC car breaks, the parts cannot be replaced; thus, you have to replace the whole car. In comparison, hobby grade RC cars are more expensive. However, they are designed with components that can be modified or taken apart and replaced to keep them for many years down the road.


Toy-Grade RC Cars vs. Hobby Grade RC Cars




Toys cars can be played with for a couple of weeks and if moved around with great care and caution—where will be the fun? —they can last for a few months. In comparison, hobby grade cars are designed and built with materials that last longer and can take more tear and wear. Unlike toy cars that come with bristle plastics that break, hobby cars are made with durable materials such as aluminum alloys and nylon composites. Though these materials aren't indestructible, they can get banged around for a very long time without breaking. This means hobby grade cars can move faster and make more complicated moves the toy grade cars aren't capable of.


Availability of Parts

Just like a real car, hobby grade cars come with parts diagram. Every screw, nut, and part of a hobby-grade car can be replaced. When a part breaks, you can order that particular component and use the assembly guide to fix it correctly. Some hobby cars even come with spare parts. This is not the case with a toy car. Since there are no available parts to fix a broken piece, you will have to go and buy another vehicle.



Since not a single part of a toy-grade car is replaceable, any upgrade is simply not possible. What's amazing about hobby grades cars is that you can modify or upgrade its parts. What's more, hobby grade RC cars come with optional parts. You can buy and install these parts to make the car sturdier, more powerful, faster, or improve its handling. For instance, there are a wide array of tires designed for different surfaces. Also, there are aluminum alloys, granite, and titanium parts that make the car stronger, shock upgrades that ensure the suspensions do not bottom-up, etc.



Quality, Technology, and Support

Unlike toy grade cars, hobby-grade car business mind about their clients' success. They will help you with whatever problem you may be experiencing with your hobby car. The quality of the material and technology used affect the behavior of hobby-grade cars. For this reason, manufacturers keep on improving the quality of material used and continuously come up with advanced technology for their products.



Because of the quality, technology, replaceable parts, and durability, hobby grade products cost more than the toy counterparts. At an extra cost, you will have a high-quality RC car that will last for years.

Pros of Toy-Grade RC Cars

  • Relatively cheap to buy.
  • Changing to a different car is quite easy as the cost is low. Low cost also makes letting go of the vehicle easy.
  • Good for beginners as the top speed is around 5 to 10mph, and the controls are usually less complicated.
  • Great for learning as you can crash as many times as possible without damaging your wallet.
  • Maintenance is virtually zero


Cons of Toy-Grade RC Cars

  • Low on speed and power due to cheap parts and motor.
  • Their life span is extremely short

Pros of Hobby Grade RC Cars

  • Massive support
  • Availability of parts for replacement and upgrades
  • Built with durable and quality materials
  • Operates with more advanced technology
  • Designed to last for a very long period of time.


Cons of Hobby Grade RC Cars

Expensive, but you will get a superior long-lasting product, and every penny will be worth it.


Let us know if we missed something or your thoughts or tips in the comments below.



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