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This 2-cycle engine oil was designed, tested and proven specifically for use in high-performance small-block gasoline engines due to their high RPM range and lubrication needs. Ideal for the Dynamite .31 Gasoline Engine (5.1cc). The ultimate l
HP 2.3
Recommended Fuel Glow
RPM Range up to 30 000
Stroke 16.75mm
Cylinder Type ABC
Displacement .21 cu. in. (3.5 cc)
Engine (Only) Weight 410 g
Power Type Glow
Crankshaft Type SG
Cylinders Single
Bore 16.27mm
Carb Type 2-needle sl
DYN Speedpack 6V 5100mAh NiMH 5-Cell Hump Receiver Pack: Baja, 5B, 5T, 2.0
Dynamite 2-cycle Oil, 100cc: 5IVE-T DYNE4100 is compatible with LOS05007
Dynamite 4.8V 220mAh NiMH Pack: Micro SCT, Rally, Truggy DYNB0007
Showingof 46 item(s)