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An exciting evolution of the world's favorite club trainer, the E-flite Apprentice STS 1.5m features Spektrum Smart components, SAFE technology, and the option to add SAFE Plus and the Landing Assist Sensor, to make learning to fly easier than ever!
Key Features

Capable of more than 120A continuous current with 10-awg wire
Ergonomically pleasing and easy to grip
Protected to avoid shorting and reverse polarity
Superior technology suited to today's advanced applications
E-flite 1S USB Li-Po Charger, 500mA, JST: 180 QX HD EFLC1010 is compatible with BLH4100, BLH4180, BLH7400, BLH7400A, BLH7480, BLH7485
E-flite 7.4V 400mAh 30C 2S LiPo 20AWG: JST EFLB4002S30
Showingof 22 item(s)