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Original 1:1 inspired Tactic 12mm hex design
Durable design, finish and material
Available in Black with matte face appearance
Hassle free and lightweight 1-piece design
Attractive profile
JCO 3387B JConcepts Startec Street Eliminator Drag Racing Wheels (Black) w/12mm Hex (2x Rear SCT Wheels & 2x Front Buggy Wheels)
JCO JCO3344 JConcepts 12mm Hex Hazard Short Course Wheels w/3mm Offset (White) (2) (SC5M)
JCO 3352B JConcepts 12mm Hex Hazard Short Course Wheels (Black) (2) (TEN-SCTE)
The JConcepts 15.5mm Aluminum Team Associated "25T" Servo Arm has all the geometry necessary as a direct bolt-on for the B6, T6 and SC6 generation of vehicles. The broad base of the horn tapers to the connection area where the steering takes place. The he
Showingof 10 item(s)