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PRO 1194-11 Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Trencher Desperado Wheels (2) (1/16 E-Revo) (Black)
Product Details
Specially Formulated Water-Based Airbrush Paint
Key Features

Specially Formulated for R/C Bodies
Ready to Spray. Use right out of the bottle (with a 0.5mm tip @ 30psi)
Water Based
Extremely Durable and Ultra-Flexibl
This is a set of two Pro-Line Gladiator SC 2.2"/3.0" Tires. The Gladiator tread is an icon in the world of RC because of its unmatched traction and durability on a variety of surfaces.
Key Features

Six Primary Springs (black/short)
Six Secondary Springs (silver/long)
Color coded stripes to identify rates

In The Box

Primary Springs (6 pcs)
Secondary Springs (6 pcs)
This is the Pro-Line PowerStroke Shock Spring Tuning Set and is intended for use with the Pro-Line PowerStroke shocks. Take your PowerStroke shocks to the next level with Pro-Line's Spring Set. Now you can adjust ride height and spring rates almost infini
Key Features

Includes every spring that Pro-Line offers for the Rear Pro-Spec Shocks (PRO630831) in one pack!

In The Box

Blue (Super Soft) Springs x 2
Green (Soft) Springs x 2
Stock Yellow (Medium) Springs x 2
Red (Hard) S
Showingof 8 item(s)