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Venom vnr1522 DRIVE 9.6V 2000mAh 8-Cell NiMH Battery, Tamiya Plug (VNR1522)
Venom Racing 15173 DRIVE 50C 3S 5200mAh 11.1V LiPo Battery with UNI 2.0 Plug
Venom Racing 15031 DRIVE 50C 4S 5000mAh 14.8V LiPo Hardcase ROAR Battery
This is the Large LiPo Safety Sack from Venom. COMMENTS: Charge batteries in a safe area away from flammable materials and only on a non-flammable surface in a vented area. Do not discharge batteries below 3V per cell. Doing so may result in cell damage a

Venom® DRIVE series LiPo batteries are engineered for the demanding requirements of todays RC car, truck and boat applications. Utilizing the latest advancements in lithium polymer technology and select materials for improved performance, safe
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VNR VNR15149 DRIVE 30C 2S 5000mAh 7.4V LiPo Hardcase ROAR Battery with UNI 2.0 Plug
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