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CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum transmission case
- CNC machined 6061 aluminum motor plate with added motor heat sink
- CNC machined 6061 aluminum arm mount
- Longer motor mounting slot to accommodate a greater gear ratio range
- Motor plate with mo
Hot Racing aluminum sealed differential case with Hardened steel cog differential gear for the 2WD Traxxas Stampede, Rustler, Bandit, 2WD Slash, and Monster Jam vehicles
Traxxas 6851R Driveshafts, front, steel-spline constant-velocity 4x4
Traxxas Driveshaft, 1/16 E-Revo (steel constant-velocity) (assembled) (4)
Traxxas 7758R Wheel nuts, splined, 17mm, serrated (red-anodized) (4)
Traxxas 1654X Wheel hubs, hex (blue-anodized, lightweight aluminum) (2)/ axle pins(4)
Traxxas Stub axle, aluminum (green-anodized) (1) (use only with #7750X driveshaft)
Redcat Racing Transmission/Transfer Case Input Gear (13T 2pcs)
CNC machined solid aluminum, anodized red
- Cross-drilled to reduce rotating mass and increase acceleration
- Allows for better acceleration and climbing
- Replaces differential spider and side gears (Arrma AR310436)
- Fits the front, center, or rear
Traxxas 4951X Half shafts, long (heavy duty) (external-splined (2) & internal-splined (2))/ metal u-joints (4)
Wheel hubs, splined, 17mm, short (4)/ wheel nuts, splined, 17mm (4) (blue-anodized)/ hub retainer M4 X 0.7 (4)/ axle pin (4)/ wrench, 5mm
Traxxas' 17mm Hex Adapters make it easy to install a wide range of wheel and tire combinations on your Traxxas vehic
Traxxas 6851A Driveshaft assembly, front, extreme heavy duty (1) (left or right) (fully assembled, ready to install)/ screw pin (1)
Traxxas Traxxas 7755 Driveshaft assembly, center, aluminum For XMAXX
Traxxas 5154 Driveshaft, steel constant-velocity, Revo/Maxx (shaft only, 128.5mm)/ drive cup pin (1)
Showingof 34 item(s)