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Arrma DIFF CASE, 49T MAIN GEAR AND 17T INPUT GEAR (1 set) #AR310802 (ARAC4025)
Traxxas 4181 Differential gear (45-tooth)/ side cover plate & screws
Traxxas 6842R Spur gear, 50-tooth (0.8 metric pitch, compatible with 32-pitch) (for center differential)
Traxxas 6447R Spur gear, 46-tooth, steel (wide-face, 1.0 metric pitch)
Gear, 16-T pinion (1.0 metric pitch) (fits 5mm shaft)/ set screw (compatible with steel spur gears)
Hot Racing Hard Anodized Aluminum Spur Gear (87t 48p): ASC
Replacement parts for these models:

Ford Fiesta® ST Rally
Telluride 4x4

Accessory parts for these models:

1/16 Slash 4WD
Gear, 17-T pinion (0.8 metric pitch, compatible with 32-pitch) (fits 5mm shaft)/ set screw.
Showingof 219 item(s)