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Traxxas 5862 Big Bore shocks (hard-anodized & PTFE-coated T6 aluminum) (assembled with TiN shafts and springs) (front & rear) (4)
This is a pair of optional RPM Wide Front A-Arms. Are you looking to add some serious stability to your electric Rustler or Stampede 2wd? Look no further! RPM wide front A-arms will push your front wheels
Traxxas 4957R Springs, progressive rate (for Ultra-Shocks only) (progressive rate) (f/r) (4)
Traxxas 6832G - Caster blocks (c-hubs), 6061-T6 aluminum (green-anodized), left & right
They eliminated the slop in the suspension system, tightening the tolerances around the hinge pins, reduced the fore and aft movement of the A-arms at both the inner hinge pin and at the axle carriers by better than 90% and improved the durability dramati
Traxxas 8632R Suspension arms, red, front (left), heavy duty (upper (1)/ lower (1))
This is an optional set of RPM 4S Kraton and Outcast Front Suspension Arms, intended for use with ARRMA Kraton and Outcast kits and designed for strength and durability with features to better enhance performance.
These shocks are hard-anodized and PTFE-coated just like the Big Bore shocks, but they have a slightly smaller cylinder diameter and standard steel shafts.
Showingof 149 item(s)