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Proline Racing Badlands MX28 2.8" MTD F-11 17mm PRO-MT 4x4 F/R Tires
Pro-Line Racing 1197-13 Pro-Line Interco Super Swamper 1.9 Tires w/Impulse Wheels (Black/Silver) (2) (G8)
Proline Racing 1/8 Velocity V2 Buggy Wheel, Fr & R, White(4)
Proline Racing Pyramid 2.2 Z3, Med Carpet Astro Buggy R Tire (2)

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Key Features

Tire Features:
Horizontal H shaped tread for ridiculous amounts of traction and side-to-side stability
Over-sized tall tread are second-to-none in durability and longevity
Proline Racing 10161-10 Pro-Line Street Fighter LP 2.8" Tires w/Raid Rear Wheels (2) (Black) (M2) w/12mm Removable Hex
Pro-Line Racing 1167-10 Pro-Line Street Fighter SC 2.2/3.0 Tires w/Raid Wheels (Black) (2) (M2) w/12mm Removable Hex
PRO 1194-11 Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Trencher Desperado Wheels (2) (1/16 E-Revo) (Black)
Proline Racing 1/16 Sling Shot 2.2 Sand Mnt Desperado Whl:E-REVO
Proline Racing FaultLine 1.9 Blk Bead-Loc 10 Spoke Fr R Whl:Crawl
This is a pair of Raid 2.8" Removable Hex Wheels. Introducing a true next generation 2.8” wheel design from Pro-Line - the Raid 2.8” Removable Hex Wheel for all 2.8” tires! Imagine being able to easily change the offset of your wheel to fit different appl
Proline Racing Fr, R Slide Job SC 2.2/3.0 M2 Dirt Oval Mod tires (2)
Proline Racing 1/8 Velocity V2 Buggy Wheel, Fr & R, Yellow (4)
This is a pair of pre-mounted Badlands MX43 tires for X-MAXX®. Pro-Line is ready to unleash the long-awaited tire solution for X-MAXX® owners with the Biggest and Baddest tire and wheel combo ever conceived: the Badlands MX43 mounted on Impulse Wheels! Pr

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***Foam Features***
Light weight
Lightweight one-piece design
***Wheel Features***
Aggressive long wear tread
High density, reusable and waterproof
Extremely durable
Made 100% in the US
Proline Racing Pro-Line Badlands MX28 Belted 2.8" Pre-Mounted Truck Tires (2) (Black) (M2) w/Raid 6x30 Removable Hex Wheels
This is a pair of Pre-Mounted Prism 2.0 Buggy Rear Carpet Tires. Introducing the Pre-Mounted Prism 2.0 Carpet Buggy Rear race tire! The Prism 2.0 features even more Ultra-Sharp Prism-shaped Pins when compared to the original for longer lasting tread and m
Proline Racing Fr Positron 2.2 4WD MC Off Rd w/ Foam :Buggy (2)
Proline Racing Invader M4 Off-Road 1:8 Buggy Tires (2) for F/R
Proline Racing Fr Positron 2.2 2WD MC Off Rd w/ Foam :Buggy (2)
Proline Racing Rear Hole Shot 2.0 2.2 M3 Off-Road Buggy Tire (2)
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