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Traxxas 8950x Driveshafts, steel constant-velocity (assembled), front or rear (4) (#8654, 8654G, or 8654R and #7758, 7758G, or 7758R required for a complete set)
Traxxas 7250R Driveshafts, center (steel constant-velocity) front (1), rear (1) (fully assembled)
Traxxas Driveshafts, center E-Revo (steel constant-velocity) front (1)/ rear (1) (assembled with inner and outer dust boots, for E-Revo & Summit)
Traxxas 6757 Rebuild kit, steel-splined constant-velocity driveshafts (includes pins, dustboots, lube, and hardware)
Traxxas Steel Constant Velocity Shafts offer the ultimate in torque handling and efficient power transfer.
Showingof 5 item(s)