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Proline Racing 10161-10 Neumáticos Pro-Line Street Fighter LP de 2.8 "con ruedas traseras Raid (2) (negro) (M2) con hexágono extraíble de 12 mm
Proline Racing Neumáticos de alfombra premontados Pro-Line Pyramid 2.2 "Rear Buggy (blanco) (2) (Z3)

Neumáticos Badlands MX43 Pro-Loc All Terrain (2) montados sobre ruedas Impulse Pro-Loc, para X-MAXX

La rueda Impulse presenta un diseño innovador Bead-Loc que permite a los usuarios cambiar neumáticos o espumas cuando sea necesario sin pr

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Key Features

Tire Features:
Horizontal H shaped tread for ridiculous amounts of traction and side-to-side stability
Over-sized tall tread are second-to-none in durability and longevity
Proline Racing Pro-Line Badlands MX28 Neumáticos para camiones premontados con cinturón de 2.8 "(2) (Negro) (M2) con ruedas hexagonales extraíbles Raid 6x30
Este es un par de neumáticos de alfombra trasera Buggy Prism 2.0 premontados. ¡Presentamos el neumático de carrera Pre-Mounted Prism 2.0 Carpet Buggy Rear! El Prism 2.0 presenta aún más pasadores ultra afilados en forma de prisma en comparación con el ori
Proline Racing 10133-10 Pro-Line Interco Bogger neumáticos de 1.9 "con ruedas de impulso (negro) (2) (G8) con hexágono de 12 mm
Pro-Line Racing 1167-10 Neumáticos Pro-Line Street Fighter SC 2.2 / 3.0 con ruedas de ataque (negro) (2) (M2) con hexágono extraíble de 12 mm
Pro-Line Racing 1197-13 Neumáticos Pro-Line Interco Super Swamper 1.9 con ruedas Impulse (negro / plateado) (2) (G8)

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Key Features

Works on Snow and Sand
Compatible with 3.8" Wheels
1/2-inch offset
17mm Wheel Hex
Compatible with Front or Rear Axles


This is a pair of Sling Shot 3.8" (Traxxas® Style Bead)
This is a Flat Iron 2.2" XL Tire. The 2.2" Flat Iron is BACK in Extra Large form to suit your scale rig! The hugely popular 2.2" Super Swamper XL paved the way for larger 2.2" scale tires and the new 2.2" Flat Iron XL follows the "bigger is better" mantra
Key Features

Aggressive tread makes a perfect blend for a variety of surfaces
A true rock crawling look
Memory Rock Crawling foams included
Made from the legendary G8 Rock Crawling compound
Made in the USA, since 1982 - Read abo
Showingof 52 item(s)